Access Bank Lagos City Marathon: Nigerian Elites Thank Organizers For Paying Prize Monies...

Mar 08, 2017 / News

Nigerian elite marathoners that won prizes at the 2017 Access Bank Lagos City Marathon on Tuesday expressed gratitude to the organizer and project consultant, Nilayo Sports Management Nigeria Limited, for the prompt payment of their prize monies.

“We have never had it this good. This is the first time that we are being paid a few days after the race, even some races outside the country take months.” said Steve Nuhu, whose wards won most of the top prizes won by Nigerians at the February 11, Access Bank Lagos City Marathon.

Nuhu, who is the Chief Coach of High Altitude Athletics Club based in Jos, Plateau State said when the history of marathons in Nigeria is being written, more than a chapter will be devoted to Lagos State.

“All the opportunities we have had in the past to use our God given talents in marathons and road races have always come from Lagos State. The state has been very kind; they always pay our prize money unlike some states here in the North that will never pay”.

The amiable coach also urged other corporate organizations in Nigeria to emulate the race sponsor Access Bank, “they surpassed our expectations, we thought what we saw in 2016 was the best they had to offer but this 2017 was even better, everything worked. The start, the finish, the medical, security, and there was entertainment for all at the finish. It was great, if we have more races like this in Nigeria, we can rule the world” concluded Nuhu.

Bukola Olopade, the Project Consultant for Access Bank Lagos City Marathon who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Nilayo Nigeria Limited promised all the participants that won prizes money at the 2017 Access Bank Lagos City Marathon that they would be paid,

“Even those we tested for dope will be paid by next week, the results of the tests are out and nobody tested positive, so they will all get their prize money by March 13, 2017” said Olopade.