Regular Runners


Experienced Runners Training Programme
This programme has been specially put together by fitness experts, nutritionists and other marathon experts to provide experienced runners with a training schedule that begins in November and builds up over three months leading up to Race Day!


1 Speed Play, ideally off-road Rest 60 mins easy Rest 80 mins steady pace 45 mins steady run Rest
2 3 x 8-10 mins hard, 3 mins recovery between efforts, with warm-up and cool down Easy 25 mins jog 50 mins steady pace Rest 90 mins easy 45 mins easy Rest
3 Rest 60 mins steady 35 mins easy Rest 100-110 mins taken very easy 30 mins easy 50 mins hilly circuit with efforts on hills
4 3 x 8-10 mins hard, 3 mins recovery between efforts, with warm-up and cool down 35 mins jog 50 mins steady Rest 50 mins fast pace Rest 35 mins easy
5 60 mins off-road and hilly Speed Play session Rest 45 mins easy Rest 120 mins slow 25 mins recovery jog 45 mins steady
6 Alternate 3 min hard bursts with 3 min of easy jogging Rest 60 mins comfortable pace Rest 120-130 mins slow 24 mins jog 45 mins steady
7 60 mins Speed Play with long duration efforts Rest 50 mins steady 25 mins easy jog 90 mins good pace with long warm-up and cool-down 25 mins very easy 45 mins steady
8 4 x 8-10 mins hard, 2.5 mins recovery between efforts 45 mins easy 70 mins at race pace Rest 145 mins Rest 45 mins steady
9 4 x 8-10 mins hard, 2.5 mins recovery between efforts 45 mins easy 70 mins at race pace Rest 145 mins Rest 45 mins easy
10 Rest 75 mins off-road Speed Play 45 mins easy Rest 160 mins taken easy 25 mins jog recovery 45 mins steady
11 2 x 15 mins hard, 4 mins recovery between efforts 45 mins steady 25 mins easy jog Rest 180 mins slow Rest 50 mins steady
12 50 mins relaxed Speed Play 45 mins steady 25 mins easy jog 20 mins easy jog 10k race Rest 45 mins steady
13 4 x 15 mins hard, 2.5 mins recovery between efforts 35 mins slow 50 mins steady Rest 200 mins slow 25 mins easy recovery 45 mins steady
14 60 mins easy Speed Play 35 mins jog 45 mins at marathon race pace Rest 130 mins steady Rest 50 mins steady
15 35 mins brisk pace + warm-up and cool-down 45 mins steady Rest 25 mins easy 50 mins steady 5 mins easy off-road Easy 25 min jog or rest
16 30 mins very easy Rest or 25 mins easy Rest 15 mins very, very easy jog RACE DAY 5 mins easy off-road Warm-up, 10 mins at race pace, cool-down


Speed Play: Training involves changing the speed at which you run throughout your training session.
Super Slow: Really, really slow, so slow it hardly seems worth putting your kit on.
Easy Jog: No pressure, just loosening up or a recovery run.
Slow: Still a slow pace but a little faster than an ‘easy jog’.
Comfortable: You can chat easily to your training partner and keep the pace consistent.
Steady: Even-paced run where you can chat in short sentences.
Brisk: Slightly breathless, not easy to hold any conversation with your training partner.
Hard: You certainly know you’re working, conversation is definitely out.


W/U Warm up.
W/D Warm down.



  • Reduction in the number of participants from over 100,000 to just 300.
  • The international elite runners about 30, the local elite runners 40, and about 200 educated and enlightened fun runners and those that are coming from different parts of the world for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Qualifiers
  • Cancellation of 10km family fun run which normally attracts over 75, 000 runners. 
  • The Lagos Sports Commission will work with the Office of Lagos State Governor and security agencies to ensure that there is a curfew between 5 am and 10 am on race day.
  • The race will be broadcast live on all television and multi-media channels to ensure people are not on the street to cheer runners, the organizers of the London Marathon adopted a similar approach.
  • All members of the workforce, including volunteers and other auxiliary workers, will undergo a compulsory Covid-19 test.
  • There will be zero entertainment at the finish point
  • Apart from the top three, all other runners will pick their medals at the Marathon Office on designated dates to prevent crowding
  • Security will be tight at the start, the finish, and along the route.
  • There will be passes to screen workers and prevent crowding in several places
  • All runners, workforce, auxiliary workers, security, and others will get a booklet of dos and don’ts of Race during Covid 19 from the office of the General Manager Marathon
  • Apart from the special Media Guide, there will be a special training for our Media Partners on how to cover marathon and road races during Covid-19
  • Massive media campaign to educate the society about the importance of watching from the comfort of their homes.
  • We shall meet with Lagos State Government agencies that are stakeholders to ensure we are all on the same page.
  •  All elite runners will be expected to tender a certificate of clearance from Covid 19 virus not later than 72hrs before their arrival in the country.
  • The start area for the elite field will be floor marked (2m apart) with runners’ number bibs to ensure their standing starting position which will be properly spaced to ensure social distancing.
  • All runners must as a matter of COMPULSION wear a face mask into the start area.
  • There shall be multiple waves at the start to ensure proper spacing of the runners. 
  •  Mist disinfectant sprayers will be mounted at the call area which all runners must pass through after being temperature checked. 
  •  Hygiene stations will be set up at the start and the finish areas.
  • Runners shall be expected to have their face mask on at the start point and must run with it for the next 600m to 800m.
  • All technical officials, volunteers, medical personnel, security, and logistic hands WILL have their face mask on and wear latex hand gloves for the entire duration of the marathon.
  •  All surfaces in all the vehicles that will be used for the marathon WILL be sprayed periodically with disinfectants during the race.
  •  Medical stations at all points WILL be manned and clearly marked with staff donning appropriate PPE wears.
  • The distribution points for the race packs WILL be constructed in a way to ensure proper cross ventilation. Participants WILL leave immediately they are attended to.
  • All volunteers involved in the handling of water and refreshments to the runners WILL be fully masked up with proper PPE wears.
  • All runners will be given a minimum of 3 nose masks and a small bottle of hand sanitizer as well as an instruction leaflet on ways to stay protected from the corona pandemic as part of the contents in the race packs.
  • ONLY runners and the few designated technical hands WIIL be allowed in the start arena.
  • All areas in and around the race venue start and finish WILL be properly disinfected.


The above will strictly be followed to ensure the safety of everybody.