Access Bank Lagos City Marathon: Organizers sign two pacemakers to achieve sub-2.10...

Dec 23, 2016 / News

Determined to get the elite male and female runners to run inside 2.10 minutes and 2.20 minutes respectively, the organizers of the February 11, 2017 Access Bank Lagos City Marathon have signed on two pace-makers for the second edition of the race.

According to General Manager, Yussuf Alli, the two pace makers are Imiron Kirwa, winner of the 2009 Hamburg Half Marathon and Vienna Marathon both in 2009 with personal best of 2:06:14 and Elkana Kiptum Ruto with 2:24:00. Alli revealed that the two pacemakers will exit the race at 36 kilometers of the 42. 192 kilometers race.

“We want our race to be ranked among the world’s elite races before our fifth edition. This is why we are using the pace makers so that our elite men can run inside 2 hours. 10 minutes and the elite women inside 2 hours. 20 minutes. If we can achieve this in our second edition, with our weather, the world will salute us, and that will improve our ranking from the current number 71 in the world. Our aim is the top twenty in the world by the fifth edition’’.

Alli dismissed fears being entertained in some quarters that the pacemakers may break the agreement if at 36 kilometers; other runners are still far behind, “It will never happen because we have a contract with them that they must stop at the 36 kilometers mark. Peradventure they decide to break the agreement, they will not be entitled to any prize money, and they will also wear a different running bib which clearly identifies them as pace makers’’. Alli is pleased with the response of elite athletes, fun runners and even charity organizations to the second edition of the race, “the response is overwhelming, over 40,000 response in the first few days. Nothing can beat that,” said Alli.
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